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Why Choose a Periodontist?
Dentist Fort Lauderdale

A woman smiling in a dental chair at the Fort Lauderdale office.It can seem unnecessary to consult a periodontist if you already have a dentist that you know and trust. After all, dentists are trained to fix your gums too, right? While it is true that your dentist knows a lot about gums, the periodontists here at Florida Smiles Dental have made gums their lives’ work.

The Specialty Advantage

In most cases, your dentist knows more than enough about gums to keep yours healthy. But what about when cases of advanced gum disease, or when you need to give your gums a cosmetic lift? That is when you choose a periodontist for their specialty advantage. Periodontists not only go through standard dental schooling, they also receive additional training exclusively focused on the gums. This training does not stop after school and their residency, either. Because periodontists are dedicated to the gums and gums alone, they are able to stay abreast of the newest scientific data, peer-reviewed studies, and innovative treatments that can help your gums.

How Dangerous Is Gum Disease?

One of the biggest reasons that people see a periodontist, often on the recommendations of their dentists, is to deal with gum disease. So just how dangerous is gum disease, and do you really need to see a different type of dentist, no matter how specialized they may be? To put gum disease into perspective, the most likely reason that you will lose a tooth or experience bone loss in your face is because of gum disease. Gum disease affects millions of Americans and is the leading cause of both tooth loss and bone loss. The disease can start out relatively innocuous, but by the time it is spotted, it may already be too late. Recessed gums can make it impossible to get rid of bacteria by brushing at home, no matter how often you do it, so only by consulting a periodontist can you be sure that all of the bacteria in your mouth are gone.

How a Periodontist Can Benefit You

A periodontist is not a replacement for your normal dentist, and you should not stop seeing your dentist while coming to us. Instead, we will complement the work being done by your dentist to help restore and maintain your oral health. Aside from our expertise in treating people with gum disease, one particular benefit of periodontists is the knowledge we can bring to placing dental implants. Implants are one of the best options when it comes to replacement teeth, but often they can pose health risks for patients that have had gum disease in the past. By consulting with a periodontist, we can run a complete diagnostic and determine what issues, if any, may still remain. This information can be vital to ensuring the safe and successful placement of implants.

Ready to Choose?

Now that you know all of the ways that a periodontist can make a big difference in your oral health, we are excited to hear from you! To meet one of the skilled periodontists at Florida Smiles Dental, just call 754-354-0363.

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Why Choose a Periodontist • Dentist Fort Lauderdale
While it is true that your dentist knows a lot about gums, the periodontists here at Florida Smiles Dental have made gums their lives’ work. Click here to learn more.
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