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Dentistry for Kids

Young girl brushing her teethHere at Florida Smiles Dental we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming and friendly environment in which you and your children can ask questions and have fun with oral hygiene. Our highly educated team supports and encourages oral health beginning at an early age.

Good dental hygiene practices can and ideally should be implemented within the six months following the development of a child’s first tooth. This early introduction to dental health helps to ensure that new and growing teeth are properly cared for, as well as helping to invoke healthy habits surrounding oral health care and maintenance of teeth. Instruction in basic care for teeth and gums is tailored to even our youngest patients, and we will work with the parenting team to ensure good habits and routines are followed at home. In doing so, we are grateful to hear from the parenting team as to what techniques they feel may be most successful.


Our time together will start with a basic interview. During this time, we will discuss any concerns you may have for your child and any complaints you may have heard from them. We will also engage in a dialogue regarding nutrition habits, dental hygiene practices at home, and any challenges the child faces as well as any prior diagnoses. Our practice strives to be fully inclusive and encourages involvement from the parenting team. During the exam our educated professionals complete, we will be able to make several inferences and recommendations. When performing the exam, we observe and assess many areas of oral health, including the teeth, gums and oral cavity. During this early assessment, we will be able to identify and treat any possible threats to your child’s oral health.

Following our thorough physical exam, we will be able to diagnose several concerns, if present. The following are simply two examples of what our team is able to recognize and treat: a poor bite pattern (which may lead to an inadequate diet as well as speech concerns), and any cavities present in our patient’s teeth (which may cause premature tooth loss, therefore contributing to a negative effect on alignment). In addition, we provide fun, interactive instruction in basic daily dental hygiene. Education in the implementation and maintenance of adequate dental hygiene is important to maintaining overall health, good nutrition, and healthy self-esteem. We work diligently to ensure that both the parent and the child are included in the plan of care, and value working with you both.


Frequently, parents and children are both nervous and overwhelmed surrounding a trip to the dentist. We feel that this is completely normal. Our experienced, friendly staff at Florida Smiles Dental look forward to ensuring a seamless, enjoyable, and educational experience. We understand the nervousness and tears that may be a part of your initial visit, and we look forward to helping your child overcome their fears! We can be reached at 754-354-0363 and are excited to answer any questions, and alleviate any concerns you may have. We can’t wait to work with you and your child, to ensure that your tiny smiles stay healthy and bright.

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