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Dental Consequences of Periodontal Disease

Diagram of a healthy tooth versus a tooth with periodontitisWhile periodontal disease, or as you may know it gum disease, is one of the most common oral afflictions among Americans, the consequences can be severe. By neglecting to prevent or treat gum periodontal disease before it gets bad, you may be exposing yourself to major dental consequences, including the loss of teeth. With the help of Florida Smiles Dental, you can avoid these potentially devastating consequences by treating your gum disease.

Tender Gums

This is one of the very first dental consequences of gum disease, and luckily also one of the easiest to notice. You will probably spot this consequence when brushing, as it may cause discomfort to brush your gums even if you are very gentle. Often, sensitive gums as the result of gum disease are accompanied by blood, which you can spot when you spit afterward.

Bad Breath That Does Not Go Away

One of the more embarrassing consequences of periodontal disease is bad breath that will not go away. Even if you carry breath mints everywhere you go, the kind of bad breath caused by gum disease cannot be covered up by any amount of mints or mouthwash. This is because there are bacteria hiding in the mouth that can only be gotten rid of by a professional cleaning.

Gums That Are Receding

The bacteria that cause gum disease are literally eating away at the soft tissues of the gums. If you were to look closely at the gums of someone with periodontal disease before and after the disease you will notice that their teeth look larger. This is because their gums have pulled back from their teeth, a condition known as recessive gums.

Bone Resorption

The worse gum disease gets, the more of your mouth it affects. The bacteria from gum disease do not only pose a risk to soft tissues like gums. They can be just as dangerous to the bones. Once bacteria have made it through the gums, they will start eroding the bones too. This can make eating difficult as chewing causes discomfort and can also cause you to look older as your features change shape without enough underlying bone to support them.

Losing Teeth

One of the last consequences of gum disease is the loss of teeth. This only occurs in the worst cases of gum disease, and is a sign that not just the gums, but the entire mouth is in very poor health. Unfortunately, this does not mean that tooth loss from gum disease is rare. On the contrary, three-quarters of all missing permanent teeth are due to gum disease, meaning that this is a very real and very common consequence of not treating gum disease.

Is Your Oral Health Being Impacted?

If you have gum disease, then it is already causing consequences for your oral health, even if right now they are minor. To stop them before they get worse, you can schedule an appointment with one of Florida Smiles Dental’s knowledgeable periodontists by calling 754-354-0363.

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