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Why Smoking Hurts your Teeth

Posted on 9/3/2020 by Florida Smiles Dental
woman smokingToday the health consequences of smoking are more commonly acknowledged and understood than ever. The effects can do damage to more of your body than just your lungs, and our Fort Lauderdale FL dentist knows that teeth are no exception. Often, smokers may be less likely to visit the dentist regularly, as they may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, but our Fort Lauderdale dentist is here to help smokers and non-smokers alike develop strategies to present their best smile!

Far from a character flaw, smoking is a hard-to-break habit that will likely take a toll on your smile. The list of negative effects can be extensive and include…
•  Bad breath
•  Degradation of the jaw bone
•  Lower success rate of dental implant procedures
•  Increased list of developing gum disease
•  Increased list of tooth loss
•  Tooth discoloration
•  Inflamed salivary glands
•  Increased white patches within the mouth, or Leukoplakia
•  Increase of plaque, tartar and cavities
•  Increase chances of oral cancer
•  Increased susceptibility to infection

Some people believe changing to smoke-free tobacco options is helpful to dental health, but in reality, products like chewing tobacco are harmful as well. Chewing tobacco contains much higher levels of nicotine than cigarettes, making it harder to quit. Chewing tobacco also often contains high levels of sugar, which can lead to plaque buildup and cavities.

Furthermore, smokeless tobacco irritates gum tissue. Nicotine in tobacco restricts oxygen from reaching the gum tissue and constricts blood vessels. This may result in gums being less likely to bleed; as a result, without the tell-tale sign of bleeding to signal gum disease, damages have time to make lasting impacts before they are even detected. When gum tissue recedes, the roots of the teeth become vulnerable to multiple corrosive elements. When the roots degrade, the tooth ultimately decays. Irritated gums and exposed roots are two factors that contribute toward high sensitivity to hot, cold, spicy, and sour foods and beverages.

Quitting smoking and tobacco use is by far the most effective way to prevent these oral health concerns. However, if you are smoking or using tobacco products, it is imperative to practice regular cleaning practices like brushing, using mouthwash, and flossing to mitigate the negative effects.

Should you experience these signs of discomfort and pain, do not hesitate to call our Fort Lauderdale FL office, as our 5-star dentist is eager to help minimize your symptoms and help you work toward optimal healing.

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